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Everyone is welcome to show in the WSRHA Club Classes.  We encourage all riders to be members of the WSRHA before they show in a Club Class inorder to be eligible for the fun Club Prizes awarded at each event. The rules to particpate in the WSRHA Club Classes are the same rules that apply for all NRHA shows with the addition that Youth Club Class Riders are not required to own thier own horse.





The Green As Grass a.k.a. GAG program, is a terrific place to get your hoofs wet. The program offers a non-competitive start to showing where riders earn points that accumulate. Once a rider wins 40 points over the course of riding in this GAG program, they graduate and earn a buckle.  Read on to find out how to get started.  

To enter into the GAG Buckle Program Riders must not have won $100 or more NRHA earnings as of Jan 1 of the current year.  Once you are entered into the GAG Buckle Program you are eligible to show in the GAG classes at the shows until you graduate and earn your buckle.

GAG Class rules
1) Riders must be current members of WSRHA to earn a buckle
2) Riders may ride 1 or 2 handed but must remain consistent upon entering the pen.  Changing hands will result in a score of zero.
3) Riders may ride any horse without restriction of ownership, breed or age
4) Points are awarded based on scores above a 60, one point for every point over 60
5) Riders graduate and are awarded their buckle when he/she accumulates 40 points in       the Green as Grass class. At that point they are no longer eligible to compete in the GAG class. 
6) GAG class will not be placed. It is a competition with yourself to get a score above a 60 and to earn points for the buckle.