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Thank You to our board and officers for volunteering your time and providing your expertise to continue creating great shows and activities for us. We look forward to a great 2023 and beyond!

President:  Bub Poplin -

Vice President: Ray Stephenson

Secretary:  Kelsey Nichols Ryhne

Treasurer:  Janet Pearcey - (970)-620-0791

Board Members:

Martha Grimes - (970) 379-3335 

Desiree Hardin -

Paul McKee -

Caryn Gibson -

Kjersten Davis -

Joel Fisher -

Janey Phillips -

Show Committee: 

Ray Stephenson, Chair
    Martha Grimes
    Bub Poplin
    Kelsey Nichols- Rhyne
    Paul McKee
    Joel Fisher

Awards Committee:

 Martha Grimes, Chair
    Bub Poplin
    Kesey Nichols- Rhyne
    Janet Pearcey

Web Committee:

Ray Stephenson, Chair
    Lori Stephenson
    Kelsey Nichols-Rhyne

By-Laws Committee:
    Janet Pearcey - Chair
    Martha Grimes
    Kjersten Davis
    Ray Stephenson

Budget Committee:
    Janet Pearcy, Chair
    Bub Poplin
    Ray Stephenson

Sponsorship Committee:
    Janey Phillips,  Chair 
    Ray Stephenson

Youth Committee
    Desiree Hardin, Chair

Banquet Planning Committee
    Ray Stephenson
    Becky Poplin

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